Maybe you don't believe it, but I want to tell my story

I like singing since I was a child, but I didn’t receive any music education.
When I grew up, I suddenly knew that computers could make music, so I began to study by myself.
I can only do some simple dance music of dance, because some dance music is simple in structure.
Since Scaler, everything has changed completely. I began to learn all kinds of music, all kinds of chords. Even improvisation.
Now I get up every day to turn on Scaler, play all kinds of chords and find inspiration for music.
Very happy. I can improvise from beginning to end with one finger.
I don’t know why. When I hear chords, inspiration comes.
I feel scaler’s future is not just a tool for making music quickly
Scaler can also be a secret weapon for live performances
What do you think?


Great story!

My “musical education” ruined formal music learning for me. And much negative social feedback ruined singing for me. But I did end up “beatboxing” melodies and sounds by myself, instead of singing. To this day I am still waiting for Scaler to offer some built-in beatbox sounds :wink:

And speaking of performing live, I use Scaler mostly for jamming, not so much for producing. I think it’s great for ad-hoc performances. But I am still a far cry from performing live in front of people. The most daring thing I’ve done so far was jamming live with some guys on the internet, via Sonobus (a plugin that lets you route audio between DAWs of different jam members, across the internet).

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Appreciate the story of your journey, I suspect it is probably similar to many…including my own. There is no question in my mind that Scaler (in all it’s official and unofficial modes) has expanded my musical understanding and interest more than countless $ of gear and software.

As for live performances, I 100% agree. While I’ll unlikely perform “live” for anyone but my dog, Scaler’s ability to seamlessly change almost any setting in real time allows for endless creative adjustments and musical serendipity. Since I’m more of an explorer than a settler and I rarely have a particular end point in mind, almost everything I do with Scaler is done while manipulating Scaler’s settings “live” and capturing either the audio or midi. Much of that captured music can be fed back into Scaler in unexpected ways…and that is particularly fun.

Thanks for the post…sometimes it is good to recall what it is that captures our imagination in such an intoxicating way.

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Thanks for being real, It’s not an easy thing for people to do these days.

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