Melbourne shakes

Just sat down for my morning muesli, and read that Melbourne has had a quake, but thankfully no major structural damage or injuries.

I hope the Scaler folk are all OK there !


Live every day, I hope everyone is safe and happy, accompanied by music every day

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This being a music forum and all, I initially thought the headline suggested yet another eclectic music style realized with Scaler :laughing:

Hopefully the Scaler team is alright, and then can put this title as a song item in the chords menu somewhere :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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me too… he he he he

Glad all is well. Are we sure it’s not the team working on an 808 patch for Scaler V…the viral version?


We are all OK, very little damage it seems.

It wasn’t us, but the planet trying to send us some good vibes before the long weekend.

I know some people use seismic data as a source for music creation. (Some form of aleatoric creation @Bernd :slight_smile: ). Not too sure what the Melbourne one would sound like…


Glad to her you are all safe and the Neve is not sitting with a concrete block on it.

The AFL final (per wikipedia) ? I looked up

only to see a player knocked out in the first 15 seconds of the clip (at 00:15) :face_with_raised_eyebrow: All I can say is that you are lucky it’s not in Europe, as us northern pansies would not allow those rules of bodily contact without headgear … especially after recent research on head injuries in sport was published.

However, the bigger mystery than AFL is why you seemingly get two Christmases. The brits have a saying about Christmas (which decorum forbids me from writing verbatim), but which in my case is when Mrs Yorkeman grudgingly agrees to wear her nurse uniform. :partying_face:

Yes, it’s the AFL final

Is it really a sport if you can’t give brain damage to your opponent?

Just being sarcastic obviously but it is definitely one of the most impressive aspect of the AFL. Really strong and fast guys running into each other at full speed for a ball.
I didn’t grew up here and never played it but always enjoy watching a game even with my limited understanding of it.

I’m glad you are all ok. Stay safe. Tout va bien aller!

Much more interesting than American Football. I understand it a bit, watched a few times, even women’s version.

Thanks for thinking of us!
Couldn’t go down to my local as the high street was blocked off because of rubble, couldn’t go into town as the high street was blocked off due to protest trouble, longest lockdown anywhere in the world, can’t go out, shouldn’t stay in! #visitmelbourne. I’ve always said Melbourne has a creative edge over the rest of the country partly because of our multiculturalism and partly because crazy &*&# happens all the time.
Fortunately for scaler it has meant 200+ days of focussed love. Speaking of, we are terribly excited about a serendipitous feature coming in 2.5 - we are loving it and I really think you guys are going to love it too :heart: