Melodic Ideas

Maybe this is not so much a feature request as a request for a totally new but related Plugin. Maybe there is room to have a feature on Scaler whereby you could select a note such as D note or Eb or something and then find as many chords that contain that note or maybe even a combination of 2 or 3 notes. For example a D note and a C note together you might get suggestions like Gsus4 or D7 for example. This would make Scaler useful as a melodic tool or even more than it currently is with the Scale Lock Function in use. Maybe this is an idea for a totally new Plugin? I am suggesting this as an aid to melodic composition whereby you may wish to switch out a chord to better fit a melodic line. i think that I would find it a useful addition.

Yeah I hear you. We’ve got some great melodic tools coming and we will take your suggestion on board!