Melodic modal modulation

Hi there

Is it possible to have a section of melody in one mode/scale and then quantize the melody to a different mode for a different section?

Hi @Lturntable

Welcome to the forum. If I understand you correctly you want to use performances in Scaler to produce a melody. As well as this you may have a pattern in one scale which then want to modulate to another, is that correct?

If that is correct then the answer is yes you can do it in Scaler.To do this you could

  1. Create the first pattern in you first scale,
  2. Choose your second scale and use a modulation option form the MOD page to find a pattern to modulate to the new scale, and place these chords into a new pattern.
  3. Then create the pattern for the new scale
  4. Finally, using the PERFORMANCE PLAYBACK panel on the EDIT page you can apply performances to individual chord blocks and patterns, so the performances in the two scales are not played in the modulation section.

The scaler state below is a simple example of this with a modulation from C maj to Eb maj.
Example of modulating from one scale to another in melody.xml (32.4 KB)

Hope this helps.