Melodies made with scale lock not compensating for the correct notes in piano roll

When using scale lock in either of the two modes, Scaler doesn’t compensate for the changes of notes via the piano roll. I’d like to use melodies I’ve made with scale lock in different VSTs, but if I paste a melody from Scaler, it will be out of key and the notes will be all wrong because scale lock doesn’t make the change in the DAW, only in the plugin itself. I can’t seem to use scale lock when Scaler itself isn’t selected, so making the melody in the routed VST won’t work either. Is there a way where I can get the melody’s I make using scale lock to stay in their key and respective notes when dragging them into other VSTs?

Scaler 1.8
FL Studio 20.2 x64

Hi @FLguy,

thanks for reporting this issue.

From memory, I would have thought that Scale Lock would impact the external instrument if you are routing the MIDI.

There might be a bug so we will have a look and get back to you.


Thanks for the timely response. This is something I really hope is fixed.

Hi @FLguy,

we have tested and find a solution, it is a normal behaviour in FL Studio, the MIDI out from a VST can’t be recorded directly or re-routed internally but there is a workaround, we write you an easy step by step tutorial to make it work as you wanted :



Thanks! Just letting you know everything works perfectly!

Edit: Using only white keys in scale lock causes notes to cut out for some reason. Even though Scaler’s volume is turned off it only plays a few notes. The use scale notes option seems to work fine though.

Hi @FLguy, glad that helped,
what do you mean by :

is that when you are playing let’s say a valid note (a white note in the scale) and then play another note that will be replace by the same valid note ?


It seemed to be a glitch, all is well now. But I do have a question.

I use patcher to host Scaler to use with multiple plugins. I’m trying to figure out how to route instruments routed from Scaler to play separately instead of all at once when I hit a key. I was able to route Scaler to many instruments without any problem, but I can’t get the instruments to play by themselves as they all play simultaneously.

I tried messing with the midi outs but haven’t had any luck.