Melody Flow

I was thinking of why not be able to add melodies on top of your chords and if you change your melody chord, it changes with it and visa versa, so you have a more hands on approach to the scale your working on within your melodies also, we all know melodies are within the scale, why not automate the process within scaler also, that way all you will have to do is just pick the VST plug in and your good to go. Scaler has a great foundation i think to add this major update if we get enough people to support this idea. What does the Community think Should we add it?

Not a bad idea, but they may have to change its whole interface to pull that one off, melodies can be complex, they might can scrap the guitar menu and replace it to where you can build melodies instead.

Scaler 2 will have a significantly improved scale and melody lock. We won’t write your melody for you because that’s too subjective but we are going to make it fun and effective to write melodies…


davide since scaler 2 will have a melody lock to Scaler then could I suggest a feature that could be used and toggled via the audio Channel could we have a vst run separately the melody part say I want the chords to be a piano but I want the melody to be a synth, it also be cool if we could have a sequence or something similar for our melody to be added, but a sequencer would laydown a footprint to add individual effects to the melody of each individual note or melody note

Need to see this in implementation but we have a new ‘Sync All Scaler’ options. I have wanted this so when I make a bunch of changes in one Scaler instance in my DAW I can sync all other Scalers to the ‘master’. This feature would enable you to do what you are suggesting I’d imagine by Syncing all Scalers and moving the relevant notes.
Having said that, a multi out version has been requested and is on our roadmap, but we are so feature laden that it has been pushed down the list for now. I’ll discuss your thoughts with the dev team.