Melody Sauce 2 (39$ on Plugin Boutique) - great with Scaler

The other day, I found Melody Sauce 2 on Plugin Boutique.
This “AI instrument” works really great with Scaler as chord base, creating interesting melodies.

I used it in my last song, in the riff, and I find it pretty powerful. It can be used with several styles, generating longer or shorter loops, even the styles that are not intended by default, as in my song.
So, it can give me some melody ideas when I am not inspired and starting with this, I can develop more ideas, as I did in this song.


Nice song

so those “girls” are just able to say aaaa, ooo and ouuu?

Oh, no, they can also sing “eee”. :rofl: .

In fact, I never mastered the art of making them singing the real words, but this is quite feasible, but as you mentioned in one thread, all we hear are the demos done by the professionals which, of course, we are not. It is rather complicated, but one day… maybe. :joy:

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Emvoice One is really nice.

I haven’t learned myself. I watched some tutorial videos but it didn’t help. Made it impossible for custom users to use. The singing programs are still waiting for a breakthrough.

Bohemian Rhapsody - EastWest Hollywood Choirs and Word Builder - YouTube :grinning:


Well, it’s Jordan Rudes, a legend. Great job.

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Yes, a Master and a Genius
and this is why I don’t rely on any video demoing a plugin
I’d rather want to see demos made by common people, not by Masters, but nobody does that, clearly

BTW, he says “with a little work” but it is HIS work, not our work


Well you’ll never get there with that kind of attitude! :wink: :grin:

The guy decided to get into the guitar seriously and gave himself 3 months (he just made a video). As a bit if an exercise he has himself playing the guitar legato (better than most after much longer) and using the other hand on the piano.

He is something else …

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Jan Anderson also learnt to play (alone) the flute in a few days…
But he was (and is) a Genius

Those sounds I never heard from the girls I tried to ‘play’ in my teen years … it was more "gerroff ! I would have been happy if all I heard was ‘oooo’ and ‘aaahh’ :slightly_frowning_face:


So, back on topic. I’ve found this plugin is pretty good at giving me “off the wall” suggestions and getting me jump started out of ruts. Works on melody’s and bass lines. Not too shabby.

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I was pretty underwhelmed by it. Only the very odd melody it threw up was of any use.

That being said, the UI is good and no doubt the next iteration will be better.

I have v1 and it just seems too random to me. There is no flair to the “Melodies”. Maybe they’ve refined it more.

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No, I would say that’s a fair comment on scaler 2 as well.

I think one significant difference between Scaler and what is now a plethora of tools for melody (and progression) creation is that they typically algorithm based, whereas Scaler progressions (with the possible exception of arpeggios) have been created by musicians.

I’ve got most of these tools, but I find myself always coming back to Scaler as a basis for anything I try to do.


Was just reading about Melody Sauce (2); I guess it was on holiday sale or something, since it’s $60.00 now.

I looked at a bundle with Scaler 2, but there’s no discount.

Your track has great sounds Miki!

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Edgar Winter was pretty good too… :slight_smile: