Melody Variation feature like Captain Melody

Does Scaler 2.5 have a feature where you write your own melody, Scaler detects the melody and then it suggests variations for your melody? Captain Melody has this feature and I was wondering if Scaler has it too. If it doesn’t, is there a feature that’s close to it in Scaler? So far what I’m seeing is that Scaler seems to only suggest new Chord progressions variations… or maybe I’m missing something?

Hi @arsnova and welcome to this Forum.
Scaler is a chord-oriented VST so it helps with chord creation, modifications and performances. Accordingly, it is does not do what you mentioned.

However, the option called Performances allow you to create a melody from the selected chords and, to be frank, there are many of them. You can then do whatever you need in MIDI track.

This is not a complete list of Melodies (because it cannot fit the screen without scrolling):

Scaler allows a lot of chord manipulations and this is amazing and powerful.
Maybe the Scaler Team decide to develop a new VST that will do more with melodies, but I don’t know whether this is planned or not. I believe this would not be a part of Scaler package if eventually developed.

Thanks so much for the reply! Ok noted, I guess I was right when I said that I didn’t think this feature existed in this plugin.