Metric Modulations, perhaps a feature in a future version of Scaler?

This YouTube video by composer David Bruce discusses Meter and Metric Modulation.

Building a Metric Modulation feature into Scaler would be powerful. I don’t code but assume this would be a major task. I’m not sure what to suggest for implementation beyond a basic concept of a “metric modulation page or performance tab” of some sort. I’ll be glad to brainstorm with anyone or hear any comments about the topic. Do you have any favorite songs or pieces of music that feature Metric Modulation?

Metric Modulations can be highly complex or basic. Bruce gives examples from his own music and in classical and pop music.

In the video Bruce mentions a paper The Evolution of Metric Modulation by Nick Hartland It can be read on-line (look for the “read on line” link) or downloaded. I’ve not read this and look forward to doing so.

Any musician, beginning, intermediate or even an advanced student or professional in any genre who wants to better understanding “Meter” will benefit from Bruce’s video and the paper.

Thanks to David Bruce for this. I hope you enjoy. :slight_smile:

P.S. As I think about this more, Metric Modulations are most likely possible with Sacler’s current features. Anyway, I like the basic concept for an actual feature as mentioned.