Midi Bounce

I am trying to record the midi from one channel to another as audio. I don’t want to record the midi on channel 2 but just the audio from scaler onto channel 3. I have the send from channel 2 to channel 3 setup, but the meter on chan 3 shows nothing. Trying to follow the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFXhWTOtWOI&t=11s on Youtube. He is using Ableton which I have been able to duplicate but not in Reaper. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

I don’t know the real answer per se, but I can give you some alternatives…

Render the track and then load the render into track 3.

Or, duplicate track 2 and freeze the duplicate.

You can unlock the audio and use it as you wish.

In Studio One you just bounce the midi part and you get an audio track with the Instrument track midi muted.

This is known as “freezing” the track in Reaper.

Technically, when you “bounce” a track you get a copy, or a new track with all of the inputs. The original tracks should remain unchanged.

The “I don’t know the real answer, per se…”, is referring to me
being unable to see the set-up to tell what is really going on.

The alternatives I gave are simple work-arounds.