Midi capture

Hi there, I was thinking maybe you could have a feature where, after you capture your midi take with a certain set of chords, you could change say the scale but the midi capture would update automatically to the new scale and play the same midi capture, and you could even have the option to switch between the two different scales.

+1 - similar to how you have this feature available when you select existing songs by genre or artist

This would be amazingly useful if you could do it.

See this request as well - kinda solves the issue for this as well as other places in scaler

Not sure I understand this. Why couldn’t you just recapture or transpose in DAW?

Hi Davide, sometimes you can’t always get that same feel when you recapture or you might wanna use completely different chords, really mix and match, try something different you know, like using borrowed chords or chords not in the same scale but still works as an idea.

I know where you are wanting us to go, and we want to be there too. A 100% sandboxed ecosystem. We just are not there yet. With so many features new to Scaler 2 we need to ensure what we have is locked and ready. From there we expand. I get you, for me I just bring the Midi Capture into the DAW and play from there.