MIDI CC for individual pads for more intuitive playability

I like to trigger chords in different rows within the chord pad view. Playing chords from different rows is not very intuitive nor easy playable. Assigning individual pads to different MIDI CCs could be a game-changer to improvise with different chords I think.

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I’m not sure I follow. How would you play a pad with a continuous controller? CC is designed with continuous MIDI data in mind like modulation or pitch bend, volume, etc. You can program it to be an on/off trigger but that means something like 0-64 is on and 65-127 is off. There would be no velocity either. Maybe I’m missing something in what you mean.

Hi @2KA , it just so happens that we are currently discussing a similar feature in another thread here in the forum - check it out…

My proposed solution is to continuously map all Section C chords directly to 8x8 MIDI controller pads, but via MIDI notes. MIDI CC is not as suitable per @jamieh 's comments. It also takes a lot more work to manually map CCs to 8x8 pads on a MIDI controller, versus just using the default note mapping, when selecting scales (most 8x8 controller software, like Maschine Jam or Ableton Push) already have a capability to setup what scale the pads represent. And in Scaler you can also change the mapping to white+black keys, starting from any key/ocatave on the keyboard.


It depends on the controllers and how deep they let you control parameters.
Novation lets you customize the latest Launchpads via a browser.
Elgato´s Stream Decks have now a MIDI mode where you can adjust the velocity.
Softube´s Console 1 has now a MIDI mode that lets you assign CC to its button.

I am eying the Elgato Stream Deck to trigger Macros with my DAW. You do the programming once and improve your setup with your needs.
Whatever works would be great to improvise I think. I am missing switching one chord within one raw to any other. Imagine how you could improvise if Scaler would allow you to trigger two chords at the same time.

Maybe I misunderstand the discussion.
Why is using keyswitches not enough to trigger this behavior?

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Triggering one chord from one raw to another is the goal without having to use a key switch. Much easier to handle with 8x8 pads than with keyboards. Bernd discovered a workaround with the Lasso trick in the other thread which lets us use 8x8 controllers now. No need for key switching anymore.