Midi CC support in Scaler (instead of "green keys")

I have a very small keyboard controller (Arturia Keystep, 32 keys) and it impossible for me to use the “green keys” in Scaler because often the notes I want to play fall into the “green area”.
At the same time, I have a fader controller (KORG nanoKontrol2) which I already use to switch between the playing techniques (e.g. Pizzicato, Legato, etc.) in Spitfire BBC Orchestra VST,
By default, keyswitches are used as triggers:
but I can select several other triggers and MIDI CC looks like the most interesting.
This image shows the use of CC 104 to change the technique, in this case Legato.

So, i would like to be able to define a MIDI CC value in Scaler, e.g.101 instead of, for example, C1 green key, 102 instead of C# green key etc. This way, I could still play my C1 as a note and have the same behavior as with green keys.

Is this possible?


Hi @Miki

We are adding MIDI CC controls to Scaler 2.4. We focused on bringing new controls, but we could definitely add the ability to remap existing keyswitch as well.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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Hi @Miki ,
Until the MIDI CC mapping feature becomes available, you can also try this…

…or that range…


Perhaps that can keep you out of playing notes range and better map to your Korg controller (you could use the Korg Kontrol Editor to remap that note range upwards, if that is more helpful than the below 0 octave suggested above).

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Merci beaucoup Ed. C’est très apprécié.

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Thanks Bernd.
I already remapped a lot of controls in Korg Control Editor to use with Reaper. My DAW is great, but limited with some controllers, among others, nanoKontrol2.
I’ll certainly try what you suggest…