Midi channels In Logic

I’ve been researching an issue I’ve been having in Logic. I have a single track with Kontakt that is loaded with 2 instruments, one on midi channel 1 and the other on midi channel 2. I have a region of midi events and have changed a few events to be on channel 2, so as it plays it will switch back and forth between the 2 instruments. It works until I have Scaler inserted as a MIDIfx plugin. It will only play the instrument on channel 1 and it plays all events no matter what the channel setting per event. I have been reading that Scaler only uses channel 1. Can anyone confirm that this is what is happening? Everytime I disable Scaler, the 2 channel instruments are triggered correctly…of course though without my Scaler chords!

I realize the workaround is to make several duplicates of my Kontakt tracks and just have the different instruments all on channel 1 to work with Scaler. I was hoping to finally try this method to cut down on tracks and instances of Kontakt.

Any advice or is this in fact the case? Or is there another workaround that allows me to retain one track and change channels per event?


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Hi Shawn,
What you want is multi midi output from Scaler which is on the roadmap and will come soon but just couldn’t get near it for Scaler 2 release. Obviously I use your workaround too.
Multi midi output, midi mapping, midi flexibility is on the roadmap and an area we are excited to integrate.


This route would also get up to date with growing demands for MPE instruments. I use Roli Seaboard with Logic X. Because, for now Scaler don’t support MPE. Someone corrects me if I am wrong and tells a workaround.

MPE support would ideally be rolled into a major midi update. Stay tuned.

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If this update will happen, then MPE users will stick with Scaler for rest of their life for sure- if not, then we need to find alternative. Anyway, I really hope to see MPE support in future upgrade soon. I see a lot of potential in this combo for a broad user category.

It will get there, along with NKS compatibility. We would need to have an MPE device at hand and ensure it integrates well. We have a fairly detailed and well laid out roadmap. If we don’t get many user driven detours then we should see some nice development over the coming months. Just like we did scaler 1.0 to Scaler 1.8

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Can’t wait!
Roli Seaboard is most popular and relatively affordable MPE controller right now.
I Wish You persistence and endurance to accomplish this milestone in coming months!

I must admit that MIDI improvements, MPE support and a standalone version are my three highest expectations. I dream of a configuration like this: MIDI keyboard > Scaler > Divisimate > DAW through 16 or 32 MIDI ports. Being able to touch Divisimate (from Nextmidi) just after Scaler and before the DAW allows to envisage a performance directly orchestrated in the DAW on different tracks (from 16 to 32 depending on the DAW). It’s possible to do this as is with Logic, but it’s a rather complex and unstable setup. I can’t wait! Thanks to the Scaler team for being so attentive to its customers.


MIDI keyboard > Scaler > Divisimate > DAW

We can do this today using Image-Line’s free MINIHOST MODULAR (Documentation here.) It’s magical! :wink:

Hi Eakwarren. Thanks very much for this info. And sorry for my late answer.
One question though: do you actually host both Scaler and then Divisimate into Minihost Modular before hitting the DAW (I’m using Logic)? Thus, do you use Minihost Modular as a standalone for that?
That means that Minihost Modular can scan and then host both VST and plugins as well as applications like Divisimate (how can you make it scan Divisimate) ?
And also, one very silly question: where do you download Minihost Modular? I just don’t seem to find any proper link in that page:

I hope it’s not a problem in this forum to drift a little bit to other developers’ products but related to Scaler. Feel free to remove.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Divisimate is a standalone app, not a VST/AU. I only host Scaler 2 (VST) within Minihost Modular running as a standalone app. I route the midi out from MM to an IAC port and then have DM listen to that port. So my studio midi flow looks like this:

physical midi keyboard → MM (running Scaler 2 VST) → IAC port → DM → Logic

The MINIHOST MODULAR link above works for me to download the installer .dmg, but here’s a link to Image-Line’s download page.

Thanks very much! I shall try that soon.

Using windows I wonder if Kushview’s Element could do the same as Minihost Modular https://kushview.net/ ?

PluginGuru’s Unify also allows for the routing of midi, so that might be also usable. Both of these can work as standalone apps.