MIDI drag & drop "detects" lots of single notes

Not sure if this is intended behavior, and whether my desired Scaler behavior would be a feature request.

When I drag & drop a MIDI file into the Scaler 2 instance, the “detect” row contains a lot of single notes, additionally to the detected chords. I understand that my original MIDI file had lots of single notes (in this case a Debussy piece) - and one could dream of Scaler 2 detecting chord progressions from single note melodies :slight_smile: - but it would be more useful to only have it detect actual chords.

The capturing of every single note adds little value, given that I am after the chords/progressions used in the MIDI file. Am I off in my expectation here? Or perhaps overlooking a setting that would allow to suppress the “detection” of single notes?

I should add, that using Scaler 2 AUDIO perfectly detects only actual chords, and not single notes (when fed clean sine oscillator played melodies), which leads me to believe that is the underlying desired behavior of Scaler in general?

If this is a feature request: please have “Detect” (from MIDI file) only capture actual chords, and when fed single note melodies, perhaps capture the underlying chord progression.

The problem is how do we define a chord and subsequently eliminate everything else? Something that is played at exactly the same time? A few milliseconds apart? And then do we allow users to define that? I personally would be cleaning up the midi file in DAW and then feeding to Scaler. There are numerous contingencies with Audio files which makes control of what is displayed there much harder.