Midi Drag to Ableton not working

Hi, I’ve just installed scaler 2 and midi drag function won’t drag beyond scaler GUI and into Ableton Live. I can drop separate chords ok however. And Scaler 1 midi drag still working. Anyone had similar issues?

Scaler 2 MIDI drag & drop from plugin to Ableton Live 10 works for me. What’s the error/behavior you’re getting?

And I just learned from you that apparently I can drag & drop individual chords from Scaler into Live as well, which is pretty cool :slight_smile:

Hopefully you are using the latest version 2.09 of Scaler.

Thx for your reply :slight_smile: Yes, the drag n drop chords is a super handy feature too! Interesting that Ableton 10 works with the midi drag n drop. I’m using Ableton 9 still for my projects (long story!!!) but I also have Ableton 10 and I’ll now test it in there and see if it works…

Yes, I sure am (and am loving this simple felt piano preset lol, much nicer default sound that Scaler v1)

BTW the error that I was getting with Live 9 is that the midi drag would not drag beyond the scaler box (just disappears when it’s outside the box)

But it works with drag&drop individual chords? Strange. Are you on Mac or Windows?

Yes it’s abit odd! Mac (high Sierra)

I’m on Windows, so I won’t be able to help you there :-/