Midi file import (phrases) / ability to write bass lines

Well done for Scaler 2.2, now I’m using it ! (Bought version 1 last year without usage and upgraded few weeks before to 2.2).

2 potential optimizations :slight_smile :slight_smile:

  • must have : ability to play a bass line which will follow or not the chord progression

  • midi file import with same chord logic alignment for any phrase / melody / bass line

Realistic ?
Thanks a lot

Hi @Eden

thanks for the kind words, yes, user-customizable content is on the roadmap.
There are a couple of things we would like to do before, but it is definitely coming.



Thank you for allowing us to have a direct communication with the dev team !

I know as someone said around it is important to keep Scaler focusing on its main objective as it is easy to create a monster !

As reference only I’m using scaler and several tools which have almost same objectives , they all have their strengths and limitations (sundog, chord option … captain plugins And synfire which is an AI factory with high complexity).

Keep on improving Scaler please !

user-customizable content would the feature I´m looking for … example: when u click on “phrases” must be a point: Import midi.file … or Performance - the same: import midi … the only vst I know doing this is HYPERSONIC - but there is NO MIDI OUT … Please make this possible … big thx — (2BlyND)