MIDI filter modifier - MIDI Polysher

I know there are a few MIDI modifier/filters available but I heard about this one and gave it a try with Scaler. Works great for adjusting the range of notes an instrument gets fed from Scaler. What I wanted to modify is the range of notes from a phrase or expression. Many have a nice repeat in the lower octave but the upper notes are too busy. This lets me use just those, adjust the octave or transpose for just one or two instruments. And it’s free!
eaReckon MIDI Polysher


Nice find. I downloaded it and will look at it. I understand how it might be a good helper program for working with Scaler. Interesting. Thanks.

Hi Jamieh

do I understand well that the “MIDI filter modifier” (2nd track in your screen-shot) receives the “Scaler output”?
but the instrument receives the “MIDI filter modifier output”?

Yes - the path is Scaler to MIDI Polysher to Instrument. MIDI Polysher can feed any number of instruments that you might want filtered in the same way.

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…or if you are semi-adventurous you can use multiple Polyshers on the same track. :bomb: :tada::confetti_ball::sparkles::fireworks::sparkler:

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multiple Scalers into multiple Polyshers into multiple instruments mean multiple euros in my pocket?
if so I’ll do that immediately

joking aside, what’s the difference between Free, Pass, Closer etc?

PASS will Pass through the notes in the range selected - meaning here everything below 65 is blocked -

EXCLUDE is the opposite - everything in the range selected is blocked (excluded) -

FREE - you can select certain notes to block - just click a key and it turns red (BLOCKED) SHIFT+CLICK will select al the same notes to block - COMMAND+CLICK will block and octave - COMMAND+SHIFT+CLICK will block ALL keys

thanks Jamieh

I tested it a bit and it seems to me that something is wrong in the way the Scaler output is managed, at the point I am tempted using the MIDI remapper
I am unable to explain it now (too late, too sleepy :smiley:)

Not sure what you mean about Scaler output - a note is a note. I just tested Polysher again and it seems to behave as expected. If I set it to exclude anything from say 63 on down it only plays the notes on the instrument above that. I can see the keys pressed in Polysher and Kontakt and Kontakt only responds to the non-excluded notes. Let me know what you are seeing after your nap.:grinning:

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Hi Jamieh

the fact that notes above, or below, a certain range are blocked means that their progression is ruined, so ruining the whole pattern

some AI would be needed: e.g. an algorithm that brings the blocked notes and move them in the allowed area, but keeping them in the appropriate musical (math) rules

I don’t know if I explained it correctly

and this is why I said that Scaler developers can add this maybe

I wasn’t trying to solve that problem. The notes moving into areas that could trigger key switches, turn off output, etc. that’s what I was trying to solve. Again, as I think I’ve stated before, Scaler works as it is supposed to.

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