Midi Markers Scaler-2.0.8

I can’t see a midi marker option in Scaler-2.0.8

I tried to post in the relative forum but it wouldn’t let me:
Text Label for midi should have the chord/notes when dragged into DAW

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Really ??? who’s bright idea was that ?

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It’s a default setting on the forum, I have now raised your trust level so you shouldn’t be limited anymore. :wink:

The midi marker option hasn’t been added yet, but we added a way to copy the chord names of the selected chords.

Cool ! now I can post some SPAM :grinning:
I think the text copy didn’t give number of bars or beats for the chord.
So midi markers will import the chord track into the DAW.

ED1 A number of us are anxiously and patiently awaiting midi markers. So hoping this does not fall through the cracks. Honestly, some of the features in Scaler 2 make my head hurt thinking about how to use them (I mean that as a compliment!), but adding midi markers with the chord labels should be simple for all to understand and appreciate.

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I am so excited and glad to see this feature appear in v2.1 that I will not even suggest it is not perfect. I am just going to say thank you and the team for accommodating us with this request. It is a fantastic start. :grin:

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That’s amazing. I wish those would show up in Ableton Live.

Really happy you like it :slight_smile:

We cannot possibly know about every user workflow so do not hesitate to feedback and tell us what you think is missing.