MIDI Multi-out is hard to tame, or just tameless with Ableton Live

Multi-out doesn’t work with Ableton Live 11 Standard
maybe it works with the higher release but unsure

I tested Divisimate without Scaler to drive the BBCSO, the Opus Brass and the Garritan World Instruments: it worked nicely with BBCSO, not at all with the Opus Brass and the Garritan World Instruments

Now, I cannot use anything without Scaler because I am not a musician, nor a composer so Scaler is mandatory

I asked the Divisimate support (for a possible refund maybe) and I’ll let you know, but I am unsatisfied I can only use it with my bare hands and BBC SO

So, my idea (even after having seen videos and posts everywhere) is that the the MIDI multi-out feature works differently (or doesn’t work at all) depending on your DAW
AND ALSO depending on the plugins you are using

Maybe that professionals are favoured by their professional tools, so they didn’t have troubles, but using the feature with amateurish tools is a nightmare

So I think I’ll go on using the BBCSO template for Ableton + MIDI Polysher in the middle (adapting it for Opus Brass and Garritan World Instruments) that works smoothly with my system

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Check out @vince’s video with a free solution here. It looks good and I am going to try it later this week.

it’s a video… :cold_face:
and 2 more tools are required…

plus you lose the option to use different patterns for different instruments that is mandatory IMHO, because a violin part cannot be fine for a timpani or a trumpet, not mentioning the Garritan World Instrument where keyranges are totally different

So I think that I’ll go on my Spitfire BBCSO Ableton template + MIDI polyshers between, that is just ONE tool more, it is a visual tool then easier to program, and is a tool I know well and can be used for other useful things like custom transpositions :grin:


Davide mentioned that Ableton DOES NOT support Multi Out in his 2.7 Video with the staff from Plugin Boutique on their YouTube Channel.


I know, but some of us are trying to find a workaround. Having tried @vince’s solution I am finding it too much effort so it is back to Reaper for me.

I think the issue is an Ableton issue despite what Ableton claim beacuse other DAWs (e.g. Reaper) support this.

People need to stop blaming Scaler for an issue that is totally Ableton Live. Live does not officially support multi-channel MIDI on tracks especially on Windows.
There are work arounds on both Mac and Windows with Macs being the easiest to implement. As far as I know this issue has been discussed on Live forums for as long as Live has been around.
At one time Ableton was blaming this on Windows MIDI drivers or something like that but since all other DAWs like Cubase and Reaper, etc seem to manage it on Windows there is no reason Live can’t do it.
But it is not a fault of Scalers.


Well, I am a Scaler fanboy (well, not exactly a boy :rofl:), and I created that title by purpose

I ended thinking that MIDI multi-out can be cool for multi-timbral synths, but for orchestral tools, i.e. different instruments with different key-notes covered, multiple Scaler instances with some pitch tool between is better, because you can also drive each instrument with a different, and more suitable, pattern, something impossible with one Scaler only for all

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The title is misleading and inaccurate. It may be for you but not for many others.

Just to be totally clear on this; I am not blaming Windows for this issue, I amblaming Ableton

routing midi by individual channels and hence multi out from Scaler.

For this reason I am abandoning Ableton amd moving to Reaper. There is a learning curve, but I think it will be worth it.

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I changed it
please let me know if it works now

well, I found an easiest workflow to use Scaler with my BBC SO Discovery

and I think it can be used for any orchestral plugin, and by people like me who have no idea of how orchestrating

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thanks but they are videos… :cold_face: :grin: :rofl:

And Ableton Live doesn’t support MIDI Multi-Out, unless using Blue-Audio patchwork as explained by Davide

In any case, my ultimate idea is that with BBC SO the Divisimate-like approach is wrong because the same Scaler pattern cannot be fine for any instrument: for example, a tuba cannot play well with a part created for violins , etc. so I think that in the “Virtual Plugin World”, and notably for dummies like me, with zero knowledge in orchestration, my last approach above is more appropriate

BTW, the more I test the BBC SO the more I am deadly bored by orchestration, so it’s not for me: I prefer jamming, and using some of those instruments for my prog tunes maybe