Midi Multi Out Routing Matrix inside Scaler -- a possible feature for the future?


I observed when a multitimbral instrument is used and Multi-Channel MIDI is sent to it, with a performance engaged, some notes play on additional channels above MIDI Channel Five.

It’s interesting. I’m finding good sounds by using highly populated versions of HaLion Sonic SE (screenshot) and Omnisphere, but was wondering about giving Scaler a way to restrict MIDI channels to some given number of channels? Perhaps some kind of mapping feature or MIDI Routing Matrix internal to Scaler could be developed for a future iteration?

I can route channels inside the instrument, but a routing matrix inside Scaler itself might be something to look at.

Thanks for any comments, thoughts or suggestions about this.

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Yes, having all that stuff inside could be comfortable

Currently, I use a couple of Bitwig effects that work perfectly
One of them seems even forcing out-of-range notes to fall into the range, that is a cool feature

Looks like your using Cubase, so you could route Scaler to multiple midi tracks with conditional Channel filters on each midi track. Then route the midi tracks to Halion perhaps?


Which one is this? Filter can filter range but you say one forces all notes into range?

The word “Constrain” is what made me suspecting the notes are forced to fall within the range
but it’s just a suspect


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I’ll need to check that one. It may since I believe it’s designed for playing in a range much like Live’s version.

I’ve been thinking about that, but I think the easiest way will be to record a single Cubase Track which can have notes assigned to different channels. Then I’ll use Cubase’s Dissolve by Channel. This will will create up to 16 MIDI Tracks, then it will be easier to go to those tracks and set their MIDI channels. I don’t mind if two or three notes of a performance are played on the same channel.

Lastly, I’d merge tracks back together so that two or three tracks assigned to different channels are now all on one MIDI track assigned to one MIDI channel.

There’s always a few ways to skin the cat in Cubase. You’re post helped me think about this more.

Glad it helped. I’ve not used Cubase for a while since jumping to Bitwig, the routing is much more flexible.

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