Midi note freezing

I’m getting an issue with notes sticking on, it seems to be worse when playing fast rhythmic sequences like performances. This seems to have got worse in the latest update, the only option is the MIDI panic button. Its making it unusable in certain circumstances. Is this a known bug ? If so what is the fix ?

Hello Proteus
I have had the same problem as you, only in fast performances, and especially in high notes.
My solution has been to change the instrument. I choose stacatto strings instead of ensemble strings, for example. Later, when I pass the midi capture to the DAW, I put in long strings and the problem no longer occurs. Felt piano sounds great, but hangs more than grand piano (another example)
In the rest of the performances (basses or rhythms or arpeggiates) I don’t have the problem, but just in case I try to leave it on an instrument with a short attack

Hi There

thanks for the reply, Ill give it a try

We are hoping a vast majority of the small users experiencing hung notes will have their issues resolved with 2.3 due any day now…

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