Midi note sequencer

Some kind of built in scale sequencer so we can visually see and edit, add, or delete midi notes before dragging the midi to our DAW. Would very useful for tweaking Scaler 2’s play style performances when creating basslines and melodies based off the chords we’re using.

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Why not just do that in the DAW?


That’s what I do. Far more control and that’s what DAWs are for.


Coming! For now its editing in the DAW.


@davide Glad to hear! I’d like to see this feature too.

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That’s great news!

I’d like to see ghost notes too based off the key or chords of our sequence if possible.

I’m using Reason 11 which doesn’t have the greatest midi sequencer. Editing midi in there can be really annoying sometimes.

It would be awesome to drag midi out of Scaler 2 already edited the way I want without having to make additional adjustments.

What’s becoming clear to me as I browse through the board is the wide range of usage categories and workflows of Scaler users, and hence the significant diversity of requests for enhancements…

It’s a credit to the Scaler folk’s design that it seems to more or less satisfy most of the people most of the time … not easy to do with its positioning…

{Is it a bird ? Is it a Zplane**? no, it’s Superdavide …]

** Zplane, as in deCoda … terrible sort of pun]

I got it first time!

You’ve touched on one of the really nice features coming in the future. It was amazing fun working this out with musicians and performers like we had the expressions for scaler 2. Future is very exciting!


Awesome! This will take Scaler to even greater heights!