MIDI notes are 'doubled' once recorded!


When I play MIDI into my DAW (Cakewalk by Bandlab) from Scaler, the MIDI notes are exactly duplicated on top of one another, doubled up, causing a wierd chorusing effect. I could go into the Piano Roll View and manually delete the unwanted duplication, but it’s very annoying. Any advice?

Hi @Daylaa

does this happen when dragging individual chords or using the drag progression from the Section C ?


Hi, no it doesn’t. It only happens when I play/record the chords into my DAW (cakewalk).

… Using my keyboard controller

Silly question but is it happening on any other software? Do you have a ‘Local Off’ option on your midi keyboard?

I’m afraid I have no other software to test it on, only Cakewalk.
I’ve tried turning the Local option off as you suggested, but the issue is still occuring.

So if I play ‘single notes’ in Scaler and record them into the DAW, they are recorded in a strange ‘doubled’ fashion, where 2 MIDI notes are laid almost exactly on top of each other, with a hair’s width difference laterally - causing a chorusing effect.

What’s most confusing - when I record chords on a track with Sclare loaded on it into the DAW and then open up the Piano Roll View to observe what’s making the strange chorusing sound - I don’t find ‘doubles’ but instead, if I audition the notes of each chord one by one, the 2nd note from the bottom of EACH chord actually plays the whole chord, not just the single note. I can’t understand that one. Is any of this making any sense?

So it’s the equivalent of me placing my hand on a piano, spreading my fingers over a chord, but in turn pressing each note once, so that you can hear the individual notes that make up the chord…but as I push the 2nd note from the left, you hear the ENTIRE chord, even though I only pushed one.

If I move the recorded MIDI to another track, there’s no issue. EDIT: Also, if I route the MIDI to another track altogether when recording, there’s no issue. It must be something to do with recording MIDI on the same track with Scaler on it.

Sadly we are not tech support…but I am willing to bet it has nothing to do with Scaler. To rule me out, download a free DAW or trial version of something (Reaper, Logic, Ableton) and try it there. I have a hunch it will behave normally. Seems like Cakewalk midi pass through is doubling up due to a setting somewhere…

Nevertheless, I appreciate your time. I’ll make do with routing to a different track. I can just about get what I need from Scaler that way. Thanks for your help.