MIDI notes not right


When I drag Scaler midi to logic some notes don’t play and are missing. I’ve made sure bind is disabled in ABC sections as per troubleshooting guide but no good. It only happens with some patches but the notes missing are all available in these patches. Any suggestions for troubleshooting guide please?


Hi @wooster,

If you are using performances you need to make sure that after dragging your midi to Logic you turn the performance off in Scaler for playback, not just the bindings.


It’s working now. Not sure what I did but there you go.

Hi buddy, I’m also getting the same problem even after turning off performances.

No matter what I do I still get a different sound when I play the midi back through Logic that I’ve dragged from Scaler?

You aren’t dragging sound you are dragging MIDI. What is the MIDI playing to? Back to Scaler or another instrument? You need to turn Binding off if you are playing back to Scaler.

Hi @FreeThinker and welcome to the forum.

As @jamieh correctly stated, you need to makes sure any bindings you have active within Scaler are also disabled if you are using the exported midi on the same track as Scaler.
Hope that solves your issue.

Thanks for your help guys. I’ve tried this and it still didn’t work. Just worked it out though…I had DAW sync turned on :joy:

Thanks again :facepunch:

Dear Scaler team,
Maybe an idea, to avoid this confusion, as it happens quite frequently:

It could be helpful by default to automatically deactivate binding once a user has dragged MIDI from Scaler.
Same behaviour is implemented in Omnispheres arp.

I‘d appreciate to be able to overide this in preferences, as often I drag MIDI to a clip cell but still want scaler to be bound to keys.

Just a thought.

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Our solution was to come with a message to say ’ you still have bind active ’ I regularly drag to a different channel so I wouldn’t want bind deactivated by default. It’s a tough one.

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I’m curious why people drag MIDI out to have it play Scaler sounds instead of leaving it internal and using sync mode. What advantage is this? Why not have another Scaler active as instrument and leave that one out of Bind mode. I drag MID out to run other instruments but this is usually when I want a legato instrument played and I want to edit notes so they over lap. Mostly I have are chords and performances in multiple Scalers.

@jamieh one reason for me is to add manual variation to MIDI. I.e. pull out 2x same MIDI pattern from Scaler to 2 measures in DAW. 1st measure I keep original, 2nd I modify by different variation techniques, rhythmic displacement, vertical melody mirroring, etc. As long as Scaler as MIDI-vst does not offer these types of sometimes more or less subtle variations (like RapidComposer) I think MIDI export is the only way to go.

Based on this then you should definitely not be sending the MIDI back into the same Scaler since once you do that, that Scaler is only good for the sounds. Like I mentioned I think a second Scaler just for that MIDI would be the way to go. You can keep working on Chords in one and have sounds playing from the other. I use Rapid Composer as well and really like the variations available in that. In that case Scaler supplies me with a progression and RC handles variations. Chordjam is another that is great for variations but kind of sucks at everything else. I would love to see the variation elements of Chordjam arp tried in Scaler. The variations of Velocity and humanizing is great.
In any event, keep up with what works for you and keep making music.