MIDI Notes Sticking ALL THE TIME!

Running the latest version of Scaler in Logic as a midi fx plug-in and the midi notes getting stuck all the time are driving me INSANE! Any fix for this? It would seem to me that unfortunately Scaler just isn’t living up to its potential. It is really a buggy mess.

‘A buggy mess’ may be a little bit of an overstatement. I use Scaler 1.8.1 every day as a Logic Midi FX and it is relatively stable. Midi Jams could be down to anything usually midi loops which may have to do with your setup, controller, local assignments etc. There’s obviously a midi jam ( ! ) button on Scaler which clears stuck notes but I would open up a new session. Disconnect any keyboard and controller and use the Logic Keyboard ( COMMAND - K ) to input your notes. Now see if you are still having issues. Also ensure you have the latest version downloaded from your Plugin Boutique account

Hi @dspdoc,

you can also try to disable the “Allow multi-trigger” settings in the preferences. This has been known to cause more hung notes when enabled.


I’ve had this issue for a while now, but it seems to only effect certain vst’s… in my case Thorn… It loves to hang on a key, but they both have a midi-reset.

Honestly, I’ve found it to be alot more pronounced of a problem at high-bpm’s and using Arps…

Hi ed i can not Find that option using scaler2.3 midi notes sticking like crasy any thoughts eric

i dont have this issue in 1.8.1 thanks eric

I just installed 2.1.2 and it has the same problem. I have not found an answer out here. Has anyone solved this?

Also this option Allow multi-trigger ”is not available in the prefs.

*FL STUDIO 20.5 (1142)
*Ezkeys (current ver) - sticks bad - unusable

  • M-AUDIO Keystation49 controller is terrible too. I hit C4 and C5 sticks.

I followed this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrOTtBvcuVU