MIDI Notes stuck in iPad pro 10.5


  • iPad Pro 10,5 (MDPY2TY/A)
  • iPad OS 16.1
  • Scaler 2.6.6. Multi out on

I think it’s the same problem reported in Mac version. I have test the issue with multiple configurations of midi multitimbral apps, and daws and audiobus, but the problem arises in all circumstances.

It seems that Scaler don’t send midi note off events wen a note is overlapped with the note of the next chord. The only ugly workaround is to play “stacatto”, leaving lapse time between chords

Hi @nandoide and welcome to the forum, thanks for reporting this, are you certain you are on 2.6.6? Can you give us an example of where (what Performace etc) you are triggering an overlapped note? @Tristan could we check this and if confirmed maybe @Ed1 could have this fixed.

Hi, @davide, sorry. I’ve been testing more and I discover that the problem was in the audiobus plugin midiflow that I used to connect Scaler to sequencers. In fact the problem was not only in multiout, also in single out configuration. Taking out midiflow the problems vanishes.

The version is 2.6.6 (according to the bottom left of About pop up)

Thanks a lot and congratulations for this excellent music tool.

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