MIDI Omni by Default?


Is Scaler in MIDI Omni Mode by Default? Does Scaler only send on MIDI Channel 1?

If this is answered in the OM please excuse my being lazy and posting. :wink:

Using multi-timbral instrument I wish to assign an Instance of Scaler to MIDI Channel 2 of the Instrument different from that being used on MIDI Channel 1 of the same instrument.

Channel 1 plays Bass, channel two plays a different patch. Yes, I could load another instance of the VST Instrument, but, I in this case the sound was about stacked patches inside one instance of said multi-timbral instrument. Best practice?

We don’t have multi midi out - yet.

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That great. I just back-filled the Multi Stack with Scaler always feeding MIDI Channel 1 and assigning the patches inside the instrument. It sounds great. Easy workflow for the multi-timbral instrument.

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