MIDI out while detection


is there’s a way to record MIDI out in real time while Scaler is detecting chords from an audio track? As far as I can tell, when Scaler stops the detection we get a sequence of chords without any tempo information, instead it would be very useful to be able to record the MIDI out in real time, so that the various chord changes could correspond to the exact points where they are found in the analyzed passage. Is there’s a way to do that?

Hi @mddddd

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I don’t think this is possible with Scaler, but to help answer this query, if it is possible, could you clarify your OS and DAW, please?

Having said this, MTuner, which is a free plugin from Melda Production will convert audio to midi. There is a good video on how to do this on YouTube,

Hi, thank you for the answer, I’m using Win10 and Reaper. I looked into MTuner but it seems that it only works monophonically. In the meanwhile I’ve found Basic Pitch and it seems interesting, but I have to test it yet…