Midi output a bit janky

Hi there,

Scaler 2 sometimes record or outputs strange midi with stuck notes. This seems to be true either when I use Scaler’s internal midi capture, or route the midi out into Ableton (Live 11, Windows 10) and capture it in a new track. The second method seems to produce fewer problems but still isn’t perfect.

Please see these photographs to see what I mean.


Here is an example using chordal output

Hi @justuseaneq

thanks for reporting, we are addressing some of those issues in the next patch due at the end of the month.

Would you mind giving more info about how you triggered those chords? Which performance/voicing, so we can check on our end and debug.


Chords triggered by midi keyswitch. As well as chord trigger, I used a number of different arps as well as the Bis performance and Fretta rythm.

Here are some more screenshots!

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if you want to be more effective for developers, post rather the xml files that show all setting you used in Scaler in a way developers can easily upload in their systems

if you don’t know how to export that files, feel free to ask