MIDI Panic bind to Keyboard/MIDI

Hello! I figure I’d give this a shot, though I know this might be a rather strange/obscure request.

I don’t know if all the “stuck key” issues in Scaler have been fixed and if I’m the only oddball still encountering them. On the latest version of Scaler and FL Studio, I’ve still encountered occasional stuck keys when using strum performance, though it’s much more rare these days.

With the added MIDI Mapping capabilities in the latest Scaler, I was hoping MIDI Panic could be bindable. I’m wondering if something like that could ever possibly be in the pipeline, I’d love to just have a button ready at will to push should something ever get stuck, instead of having to reopen and navigate into the plugin to click the tiny button up there. Might be a nice temporary remedy until all stuck key glitches are resolved, though again, maybe I’m the only oddball still encountering them at this point. I know a lot of great work has been done for it lately to fix it. Thanks!

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Hi @ajl

Great idea, we will have a look if this can be added in the next update.

Thanks for the feedback,

Thank you @Ed1, that’d be amazing!

I was going to ask the same question although I have not experienced stuck keys yet. The old saying comes to mind, “I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.”

Thanks for a great music creation tool.