Midi question

Hello. I am looking to see individual midi notes from a single key binded chord that I have used from the Scaler Artist section. As of now, once I have recorded it only shows as a single bar in my midi and I cannot edit the notes/keys individually. I apologize if I am explaining the wording incorrectly but hopefully you can understand what I am trying to do?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Hi hallco! Perhaps you could share some screenshots illustrating what you are trying to do? That is always very helpful in expressing the things words can’t. I use it all the time.

Thank you. I will look into that. Another question along these lines is, is it possible to edit the chords that come from the song or artist presets?

I’m not quite sure of what you are asking. You can right click in the chord (if you have it in the progression area and it will show the notes in the chord in tan. You can click on those to turn them off or on and subtract or add any notes you want there. Then click apply to save the chord.
If you want more then one bar to play when you press the chord, then choose EDIT on the left side of the progression area and in the panel that opens up you can select the timing of the chord any where from 1 - 4 bars and also how many repeats it has.
If you are asking something else, you’ll need to clarify.

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Yes, you can. Just drag & drop the chords from the top row down to the “Pattern” area like so…

And then click on chord and then select from the context menu (right click on PC) “Edit” , then you choose chord notes from the the virtual piano on screen by clicking on the keys.


Awww bringing it into the pattern area was the ticket. Yes, thank you both for the clarification. This is what I was looking to do.

You can lasso them with the mouse to select and deselect all or some of the chords. No need to move them one by one, but you can if you want.