MIdi Record

Hi everyone, I have just bought Scaler 2 after watching some amazing videos on YouTube. My problem is, when I midi record a melodic chord progression and drag it into my daw (Reaper) the midi notes dont play in the same order I recorded them in, am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for reading.

Hi @Rossy

it might simply be because you are dragging the chords onto the Scaler track which has some Performances / Expressions enabled.

Either drag to another track or make sure you disable any articulation before pressing play and it should play as expected.

Wow, thanks for the quick reply. Do you know where those settings are? Is it in reaper or scaler?

Thanks again for the quick response

In Scaler, the articulation settings are the ones located in the top panel:

So I gave that a try and when playing back the dragged midi recording, the notes are not the same. If I open the midi editor, it shows the notes are not in the same order they were recorded.

Do you have a way to record this issue on video? A screen recording would help a lot in figuring out what is going wrong.


So it looks like you were right, apparently you cant have anything active (flashing) during playback of any dragged midi notes.
Thanks for all your help