Midi Routing in Live 10 / OSX

So I have watched a few tutorials and tried to do some research but have come up with no answer, hopefully some one can point me to my obvious mistake.

1st my set up…
Macbook Pro / OSX 10.12.6
Live 10.0.3
Scaler 1.5

Next, The problem…
• I have opened scaler on a midi track, It is working, playing chords ect.
• I have open a second midi channel, Set it to " MIDI from scaler " turned in Monitor but…
I am still just getting the original midi with out the chords or changes that scaler should be producing.

" I did notice that other users are able to select scaler twice in the “MIDI from” section, but this option is not available to me ???"

I have successfully set this up with plugins such as Cthulhu, AutoTheory and others but no luck with Scaler.

Hopeful the images included post successfully, Thanks for any feed back

Hi @justnoise,

I think you might be using the AU version of Scaler. Try to load Scaler as a VST and you should be able to select Scaler in the second dropdown menu.