Minimize function

Hello Scaler Team,

Would be awesome if you would like to consider making a “Minimize function” in a further release! A button that allows to minimize the window to only see the upper part of the plugin, so the keyboard and the Note(s) and Chord displays. Of course we can already minimize the window by draging it but each time you close and re-open the plugin the size will back to default. So a quick button would be a lot faster.
As I use Scaler more to see the chords I am playing than to build chords I would really like to be able to put Scaler at the top or the bottom of my daw and still have a good overview of my project.
This would be so great guys!!


Hi @Julian

thanks for the feedback, I get your point and why it would be useful to your workflow.
This would require big changes in the interface so it is not a priority at the moment. A UI improvement idea is welcome and when a big redesign is due, we will try to address as much feedback as possible.


Yeah that would be great! thanks for listening :wink: Best
In fact, when strictly playing and to watch the chords I am playing I use that midiChordAnalyser instead of Scaler because it has this small size, only the keyboard and chord display, so I can see the rest of my project, but I would looove to be able to do that with Scaler!
Keep going on guys, Scaler is really appreciated!!