Minimonsta grabbed.. and doable with a trick

I just acquired my first quasi-mini Moog Minimonsta

I loved a few things of this company:

  1. It includes several presets by Rick Wakeman! :astonished:
  2. you can try the demo for a long time without an existent account (differently from Arturia’s and others)
  3. you can easily transfer your license
  4. No alien “engine” involved: just one software :ok_hand:

For the points 2 and 3 I’d like to see more developers adopting this policy

I’ve had this synth for years! At least since the early 2000s. Lovely and there are a few Wakeman patches in there.

there are tons currently… :grinning:
I only have to remove the disturbing presets (saw wave-based essentially, but very high-pitch in general)

Love this Synth, have used it since release and I own several Moogs. GForce is a great company!

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Seems like a great synth. I’ll probably have to at least try the demo version. There are too many good virtual instruments for sale in the world. :grinning:

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Be careful anyway: the Minimonsta GUI is not resizable and the fonts are minuscule!

But even worse, you cannot browse the presets with Up/Down arrows, but clicking on each one with the mouse, at the point I uninstalled it; well, “uninstalling” is not the correct word as Minimonsta doesn’t have an uninstaller :hushed:

P.S: I know I can call presets with automation, but it is not an option to me

And , the worst, you cannot uninstall the demo version. I tried everything but to go to my PC Registry base. What apparently works with registered version, to re-execute the installer and unchek all, does not work with demo.

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to uninstall the demo, AND ALSO the registered version :astonished:, you have to delete:
the VSTs in their folders
the GForce folder under Program files
the hidden-folder below:

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well, the devs replied they are working on a larger GUI
I asked when they expect to fix the issue, and they replied “who knows?”

In the meanwhile I am testing the other options… and…
A couple of alternatives are good, notable The Legend and Arturia, but I found a way to survive with Minimonsta @jamieh and @Miki

Increasing to 150% the font in one of my 2 monitors and putting Minimonsta on that monitor works

Scaler, Ableton Live and the other plugins are OK or resizable so are not a problem

I also deleted some dozen of sounds that broke my eardrums
I really cannot understand how other people can love some awful sounds :astonished:

And I’ll create special folders with the sound I like more, so I’ll have to rummage way less in its awful browser

All that hoping that the new GUI comes soon
More or less like the new GUI of Scaler

Well, the trick worked well and a cool prog vibe jumped out
Tomorrow I’ll post the tutorial

Rick Wakeman will be proud of my improvements :rofl:

Where’s the link ? Maybe you’re still working on it?

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Where’s the link ? Maybe you’re still working on it?

Yes, still working, but before I must study his scores better