Minor Quibble - Mouse scroll

Hi All,

I know screen real estate is precious and so understand the layout but one thing I find tricky is when scrolling (w Mouse wheel) through scale list. It jumps by 3 or 4 rather then being a bit more precise. I find I get lost quickly here.

Just a minor quibble I know but interested to hear if anyone else finds it annoying.

Hi @MiR

yes, I have noticed this behavior before on Windows when using one specific mouse I have. I don’t experience it with other hardware.
The issue comes from the fact that every mouse scroll wheel can send different values and it is hard to make them all behave the same way.

Thanks for reporting, we will keep an eye on it and try to figure out a way to improve this in future versions.


Hey all,

I still seem to loose my place with this dang Mouse wheel. Its just a standard DELL Mouse.
Can anyone advise what Mouse they use that may give me more acurate scrolling in S2?

Many thanks

It is possible that in “Settings - Devices - Mouse” you can adjust the scrolling speed of the mouse wheel.
I use a normal wireless mouse and I haven’t had that problem, but as Ed1 said a long time ago, some mouse don’t behave the same way. Try that. Luck

@JJ. Tried that. Various settings. Nothing really gives a smooth result.

Have to really concentrate to keep my pace as I scroll. :<

I’m sorry it didn’t work for you.
I’ll tell you that a couple of years ago I had a good brand mouse, but it had problems similar to what you’re talking about. One day my son brought me a wireless mouse (I don’t even know what brand it is; his name was written on it, but with use it has disappeared; I mean I’ve been using it for at least 3 years). It cost about €5, and everything works fine

Thanks JJ. May take a look around.