Miscellaneous Issues with 2.04 on Catalina/Logic 10.5

Was happy to discover a new version of one of my favourite plugins, and the new features looked nice, so of course I bought it, but there’s a few bugs that are disappointing me in the few minutes I’ve fiddled with it.

  1. Notes played via keyboard randomly stick. I have to deactivate the plugin to stop them ringing.

  2. The settings menu often appears underneath other section of the interface, eg. the B section or the C section. The old floating menu was nicer.

  3. Nothing happens when I drag audio in to the plugin. The window dims like it is accepting it, but when I let go it’s like I did nothing. Possibly I’m missing something here though.

  4. Not a bug, but lack of font smoothing on the smaller text, in the upper part of the window or in the settings menu looks headache-inducingly bad on my non retina monitor. Everything appears uneven. Even the larger instances of unsmoothed text look quite bad, though don’t hurt my head. If I scale the window to 1400, then everything is nice and clear, but that doesn’t fit on my screen. Changing the font doesn’t help. It looks okay on my MacBook screen though.

  5. The interface is slightly laggy. Not workflow hindering at all, but noticeable compared to the butteriness of Scaler 1.

  6. I’m an idiot and bought it with real money when I had enough Plugin Boutique credits to get it free. I just need to blame someone for that, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure you don’t have a midi loop. you know you can just click the MIDI ! (top left) to reset midi jam

Menus aren’t ideal and can be improved but here they hindering functionality or workflow?

That’s not right. Is it an AIFF or WAV? Not supporting M4a’s atm.

4 & 5

I agree there is work to be done

Re: The sticking notes, it was just a single instance of scaler on an empty track with the transport stopped.

Re: The menus, Certain options on the menu were inaccessible due to being underneath the rest of the interface.

Re: The audio dragging. Yeah I didn’t read the manual. Tried with an mp3. AIFFs work fine :slight_smile:

That said, in the second day of fiddling I couldn’t replicate any of the bugs that I had during my first go, so guess none of them are a huge deal. Honestly the font thing is the biggest bother for me at this point.

LOVING the expressions feature, I feel like I can compose compelling piano music now!