Modal Interchange: name the mode, not just give a number...?

In the Modal Interchange modulation page, there are the Modes numbered on the right hand side, Mode 1, Mode 2… etc.

Why not label them Dorian, Locrian, etc.? Then we’d be a bit wiser knowing what they are.

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It hasn’t been done yet because of the lack of space on this specific screen.

We were thinking of an info pane that can be toggled if you want more info, something you can display if you need but doesn’t add too much to the screen. Would that help or do you need something you can quickly glance at, always visible ?

Thanks for the feedback,

thanks, …I think the text Locrian or Dorian would take up pretty much the same real estate space as the text Mode 1.

Mode 1

Yes, I am not too concerned about the major scale modes, it’s more when you start using different scale families that things start to get confusing. The names are all similar: “Lydian augmented #6”, “Lydian augmented dominant”… etc.

We will discuss with the team and try to find something that works.

thanks for considering.
I think you have enough real estate to play with; three lines of text…