Modal Interchange Video - Inversions Needed


I just wanted to share this really great Modal Interchange video using Scaler.

I linked to the point in the video where you can see when he is demoing the chord substitutions from the “Variations” list the notes in the chord need to be adjusted for inversions which is currently not possible and this affects how we can demo new chords in our progressions and enable voice leading while testing substitutions.

If this one feature was added to the software it would greatly benefit the tool.


Hi @xevoius

thanks for sharing. You are right, previewing chords (in context) can be hard due to the way they are presented in the variations screen.

We are working on new features to help with modulations and substitutions to help find the chords you can play.

Regarding the chord “preview” in the context of your track, we could probably add a feature that “forces” chords to play into a certain area of the keyboard so it doesn’t jump around too much and could help you select a correct inversion based on common tones and distance from the previous chords.

Is it what you had in mind?


Ahh that would work fine while working on filling out a progression. :+1::+1:

There was one other thing I wanted to communicate with your team after learning about and using some competing Songwriting VSTs

So far you guys have had excellent judgement on what can already be done inside a DAW as far as composing and your tool serves as a great sketch pad and serves as almost a “theory calculator” for creating a conceptual song section and then moving over into a DAW to finish out and polish up.

I really hope you guys remain on this track.

I know you guys could spend a lot of time incorporating a focus on simply rhythm during playback, stuff that I can manage myself with my mouse in real time however we all have sequencers to drop the progression into for this purpose on playback.

IMO if you guys stick to doing this one thing great that you have done so far, you will remain as the dominant product. I have tried the “do everything” products and none of them end up doing anything exceedingly well.



This is exactly what i could not explain myself. Thank you

I hope this feature will be in the next update. Thank you.