Modulation help

Hi. Upgraded from Scaler yesterday. Any chance of a tutorial on the Modulation section? As a theory learner with limited understanding, I find it a bit confusing.

Hi Ben, I am making a modulation workflow video for release in a week or two. Have you seen the modulation sections within these videos to get you going?

Yes, very helpful thanks. I’m trying to get my head around theory, specifically using 7 chords that lead into other chords in the progression. Sorry, don’t know the technical term for it! Is there a way to insert chords between others?

Hi @Ben

I think that what you are searching is called Secondary Chord most commonly called “five of” in my example I have a Cmaj as 3rd degree of my A minor scale and the fifth degree for C major scale is G7 (the G7 here is a V/III a five of three) so I can drag it in-between in the builder to do this :

hope that help,



Yes, that’s it. I am making an effort to learn, and this was very helpful. Thank you luapmartin :+1:t2:

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