Modulation interface - confused

I created a C Min progression, and wanted to create a modulation to another key, say Eb Maj. I have Pattern 1 filled with my C Min progression, and want to put my modulation / modulated Eb Maj progression into Pattern 2 - why do the recommended chords and modulation pathway disappear when I select Pattern 2??

Hello and wellcome, Fitzwaddle.
I guess because in pattern 2 you have nothing.
Maybe you could write the last chord you have in pattern 1 so it will suggest you from there. When you choose the chord you want, you can simply change it, put it on top of that chord you started pattern 2 with.
You can also go to the PAD tab, and right click on pattern 1 and duplicate it to have the same chords in the next pattern. Then you put on top the chords that it suggests or that you choose, transposing directly to Eb M, or modulating little by little.

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Welcome @fitzwaddle
Just rubber-band the new progression at the bottom of the page and right click to add to a new pattern (Pattern 2).
Does that help? Also check out