Modulation Page Key Binding


Re: Modulation Page Key Bindings.

The Modulation page is great but I noticed this. Unlike the Pads Page, on the Modulation Page multiple keys are not bound when chords in all three, or more, sections are selected. I have no complaints or anything, it’s an amazing system. So easy to modulate, find new sounds…

The Green Keys switch bindings work correctly, and, obviously, it’s easy to just drop chords into a Pattern. So, there really is no “issue” per se. I was wondering if we might, one day, be able to select all, or some chords on the Modulation page and have them Bound in the same way Pads Page binds keys when multiple patterns are selected. Then, when we have what we like, all those chords could be placed into Patterns. For me and perhaps others this would make “sounding out” modulations easier.

I was just working with Scaler and observed this and thought I’d take a moment to mention it.

Thanks. :slight_smile: