Modulation Tutorials

Hi, I saw on another post you someone was going to do some in-depth modulation page tutorials but I can’t seem to find them on YouTube.

Any links please?

Yes, modulation tutorials seem to be flighty…

However, without searching too deep or watching any videos for content I’ve come up with the following:

Greatness! Finally, I see how the modulations can be used.

Yes, good overview video but barely covers the surface of the modulation module. There was supposed to be an in-depth video made I think?

Welcome @straker75 That is me and is and has been in production for months, just not felt right to launch it but will do soon. Problem with Modulation is it is 100% contextual and many would argue superfluous to the creation of music. It is in Scaler as a way to provide various means of creating unique chord progressions that sound good, so that is how I need to approach the editing of the video, more of a how to use the modulation rather than why…I’ll get there although 2.2 and its content is taking priority right now.

Appreciate the quick response. I understand what you mean. I’ve studied the subject over the last few days and can see there’s a lot of possibilities.

Even just a overview of what the auto generated chords are would be a big help. However, I can imagine how busy you must be so I’ll leave it with you and I’ll keep going over it until the penny drops and I work out how to incorporate the various modulations into my scores.

Great bit of software by the way :+1:

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