Modulation workflow tutorial available?

Without success I tried zu find tutorials about modulation section. Can anyone point me to the right direction? I do not understand the workflow.

Other than this:

I would simply hold on for about a week for the next update to roll out and your problems should be all solved from what I understand from reading the forum.

I guess the new update rolls out on the 9th.

Good luck waiting on the Devs. to address this, I requested the feature, and it wasn’t what was expected. But, when I purchased ez keys by toontrack…they got it right, composing songs with the circle of fifths and with drag and drop midi. Maybe scaler will catch up!

Perhaps, but I have heard that having both of them is a big plus from a number of people so far.

Supposedly BOTH programs don’t overlap in certain functionality, but using them both is supposedly awesome.