Monitor's ergonomics changed nowadays?

when I started my new career (as a translator, not a musician) I found very soon the basic of monitor ergonomics

at that time (on about the '2000) the rule was to keep the monitor with the upper edge more or less at level with the head’s top of the user, so having the eyes and neck in a natural position

but now, looking at Davide movie tutorials (without understanding a damn thing, often :joy:) I noticed his monitors are quite high on the desk, and way over his head

is it because the bulky keyboard below, or the ergonomics is really changed?

Tweeters at the eye always, if possible tweeters on the outside. Head forms a triangle, remember my monitors are not really nearfields so they are more versatile and have a more dynamic throw.

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ahem… I meant the PC monitors, not the speakers

Aha! Well i don’t know too much about ergonomics other than they are always secondary to audio requirements. But yes, my monitor is way too high!

You can buy dual monitor arms that you fix to your desktop and find the ideal height for your screens. There are very good ones under $100.

Hi Miki

if your comment is for me, I can say that my monitors are both at the right level, thanks to a home-made desk, a keyboard tray that can be extracted and regulated in height, and a fully customizable Sedus Open chair that can be raised enough

thinking rather to Davide monitors that seem quite high, I think he cannot put them at a lower level, due to the big keyboard below the desk that cannot be lowered whitout losing the ergonomics of the keyboard itself

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Yes, I was thinking on David’s monitors. But you are right, they can’t go lower. Maybe 2 cm if I see correctly. What a pitty.
I have a motorized desk with good arms so I can change the height as I want.

gasoline or diesel fueled?

Scaler driven , up and down. :wink:

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Rock & Funk up, ballroom dance music down?

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Yeah, something like that :rofl: