More Advanced Arpeggiator

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I would like to suggest the inclusion of a fully fledged, editable, step based arpeggiator for Scaler on a dedicated tab with all the features of a profesional arpeggiator like the ones you can find on virtual synths like Pigments and Omnisphere, including a visual step sequencer with adjustable speed, length, swing, velocity sliders, step switches, and so on. This feature would open up a whole new world of possibilities for me and it would make Scaler my one stop shop for MIDI creation.

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I agree that this would be a welcome enhancement to Scaler. I’d note that there is always a discussion here as to where functions should be located, namely within Scaler or delegated to the DAW. Enhancements requests have included extensions to its synth capabilities, and the addition of DAW like functions … and arpeggiation falls into this debate.

Each user will have differing (and legitimate from the perspective of their workflow) requirements.
I think the consensus is that because the devs in Melbourne have the big picture of usage profile, many folk here are happy to them to set out a road map for developments - and @davide and team do listen.

I have both Pigments and Omnisphere. IMHO, the Omnisphere version is by far and away the most sophisticated (chord voicing, repeats, slide etc per step). In the middle you have the Pigments offering, and then Scaler.

I would note that the functionality broadly matches the licence fee for the products. Omnisphere lists at USD 499, (but is currently on offer at c GBP 320) ,with Pigments at GBP 163. Scaler, as you know ,is GBP 49.

The bottom line is that, list, Scaler is one tenth of the price of Omnisphere, and the price is largely the determinant of the R+D spend in the hands of the devs.

So my guess would be that we will see developments in this area, but it’s unlikely in the short term to be a match for the current functions in Onisphere 2.8 – but who knows?

PS: Of course, the devs make take the route of hosting MIDI FX VST’s in the product, so you can drop the arpeggiator of choice into it.


In the mean time you can trigger Pigments arp with Scaler and send the MIDI out to other instruments. Works well until the arp in Scaler gets an overhaul.

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Welcome @carlosbtlr Welcome to the forum and appreciate the feedback. On the list!

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It’s an interesting area. I like Pigments and am still getting to grips with Omnisphere and think panda’s comments are well made. I often look at UVI as it seems to have a better arpeggiator / sequencer than Pigments. For what I do (doodling), Pigments covers most of the ground, but I have had times when it’s not quite done what I might have liked. I use Logic, but have never gotten much out of its arpeggiator (interface doesn’t work for me)

Also interested in advanced arpeggiator settings/modes (create own patterns)
can’t get any midi out from plugins like pigments or Omnisphere in logic… and i would spent more money for an advanced scaler deluxe for example :slight_smile: