More dream features

Congratulations guys! this is a wonderful software, It would be lovely to do all this creative process without the need to use the mouse … It would be great to be able to integrate with Native instruments NKS or Push 2 … or maybe an iPad?


With the latest version of Komplete Kontrol you can now load plugin effects as well as instruments so you can access Scaler VST. Question is why would a user want to and we have thought about that. There are some developments that would allow KK arp for example to trigger Scaler’s chords but figuring a method of how to do this is where we are at whilst addressing some other user wish list features - stay tuned and thanks for the feedback! I’m not a huge Push user but I will have some guys form our team have a play and see if there’s any developments we would like to consider to further its integrations with Push 2.