More Extracted Voicings?

I LOVE the extracted voicing feature, but find that often I wish I could store more than 1 extracted voicing (or custom voicings) in that menu.

I feel like that would be a game changer to be able to store more voicings than just the 1 and the defaults (though they are good and thoughtful in their own right). Then you could just right click on a chord and press “apply voicing 1>extracted voicing 1”, or apply voicing>extracted voicing 2" (using maybe submenus if multiple custom voicing is allowed). You could also add in the open and dynamic voicing as well to that list. The reason for this is, sometimes I want to use a certain voicing for some chords but a different voicing for others, and the workaround to do that manually is a bit clunky (and ultimately not much more efficient than if I just wrote the chords in the piano roll of my DAW). Voicings are so incredibly important for chords, that I love what Scaler has so far, and would love to see that expanded further.

Maybe the ability to both add an extracted voicing 2/3, or to manually define the chord voicing range (C2-C4) as well (all accessed via the right click submenu on the chord(s) you want to change. This approach would allow more advanced users can take advantage while it wouldn’t complicate things for the less experienced users who may not use that feature just yet.

I 100% agree with you here and find the application of different preferred votings clunky too. As I have said many times this is the byproduct of shoehorned design of Scaler 2. A rethink allows us to allow for much easier flexibility in how things are done and this is one area that will be improved. Stay tuned!

HI @davide Even if the implementation is a little clunky for now, i’m still glad I have the ability to extract and paste voicings in the meantime as it is still a lot faster than having to manually do it for every chord. The voicings and extract voicings are my favorite features actually, so any workflow improvements in scaler’s future there will be amazing. However, I understand that development takes time though.

Also, I always sincerely appreciate the actual scaler team really being active in the forums. It says something about you guys that over the past year or so I can’t recall a single time I posted a feature request that didn’t at least get acknowledged. So kudos to you and the team for really listening to the community who loves the product. It makes supporting and updating a no-brainer decision.

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