More info on the performance modes?

Hello, When it comes to performance modes I understand how to apply them in scalar, but I don’t know the theory behind them, (or Italian), so aside from the obvious ones like “risoluto”, I don’t know what they mean, or how to use them effectively. Is there any resource I can refer to that might help me get a better understanding?

The names are there mostly so they aren’t called Performance 1 A,1B, 1C, etc.
They are presented from Slow to Fast so the sections mean something - Adagio = Slow
Expressivo = Faster, Moderato = Some what Faster, and Vivace = Fastest.
You really just need to experiment and play with them and don’t get too caught up in the musical meaning of the original Italian.
Others who speak Italian may have a different take on this but this is the way it was originally explained.
I never gave it much thought as to what I choose even though I know some of the musical terms. I listen and see what sounds good to me.


Oh okay so really its listed based on rate. Got it. Thanks.